#wine #tastings, #organic #food prepared with local products, #bucolic landscapes and a #lovely farmstead with 14 suites. Get a superbe staying for yourself and your travel mates in the #Benevento district. 40 km far from Naples airport, this area preserves the authentic atmosphere of South Italy: cheerful locals, pure countryside and traditional food. Check the availabilities at Tenuta del Gheppio http://www.tenutedelgheppio.it/public/agriturismo-benevento/home.php Continue reading

“The world of wine is not a simple, one-dimensional world” . From 130 years the Mastroberardino family members run with passion a wine farm in the countryside of Avellino, 60 km away from Naples. “Tradition is a value as long as it represents a bond of coherence and reliability.The Mastroberardino family has been involved in the socio-cultural context of wine-making for almost three centuries. Headquartered in Atripalda in the heart of the Irpinia wine-making region, the family linked its fate to the cult of wine. The most authoritative reports suggest that someone named Berardino, taking the professional title ‘Mastro’ – master … Continue reading