External link to #Top10 #beaches in #Cilento I can’t stop dreaming of being there!

#Top10 #beaches in #Cilento I can’t stop dreaming of being there!

Cilento, an area nominated World Heritage area by UNESCO. Located in the south west of Italy, it offers beaches with white sand and crystalline water. Looks like you don’t have to go far to find a Maldives-like paradise! Check in … Continue reading #Top10 #beaches in #Cilento I can’t stop dreaming of being there!

2 girls, 1 shared project, 500km by bike, 80 towns to sketch.  Following the journey of Carla and Simona can be exciting and inspiring for all lovers of authentic journeys ( I have already taken some notes for my next trip). The 2 young girls, who have nothing to do with sports but lot with travels, have decided to start a journey of the Cilento parks by bike, to discover the culture and the places of Cilento 🙂            discover further posts on their blog http://cilentoinbici.blogspot.it/ Continue reading

A delicious #chocolate #cake with a taste of #aubergine? It’s called “melanzane al cioccolato” and it’s a typical Amalfi sweet. On a sunday I couldn’t avoid posting about food! This recipe was probably invented by the Francescan friars of Atrani, who used to fry aubergines and covered them up with a sweet and liqueur-based sauce. They exported the recipe in the other towns of the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts, changing slightly the ingredients and replacing liqueur with dark chocolate. Here you can find the recipe of the aubergines you find nowadays. http://uktv.co.uk/food/recipe/aid/511759 enjoy! Continue reading

Another good reason to visit #Cilento for #horse riders! Rides are organised on the hills of Cilento, the southern coast of Campania. Every day the company “in the saddle” plans relaxed riding programmes, perfect for early morning rides and lazy afternoons by the pool or exploring the area. It’s a unique opportunity to discover on the saddle the astonishing rests of the Greek, Roman and Middle Age eras.On some days you will ride high up into the mountains with tremendous views of the surrounding countryside, on others you may head onto the shore. Do I need to write more? Oh … Continue reading

#FOOD #BLOG #AWARD 2014 in #Naples, the best of the best blogs about food to compete to win the prize. See the photos of the food blogs participating on FB https://www.facebook.com/malvarosa.edizioni?ref=hl. Can food be so lovely but also so inviting at the same time?? I am already hungry 🙂 Submissions open for food blogers until September 30th – send an email to  amministrazione@malvarosaedizioni.it including name of the blog, name of the blogger, email address and the category of the blog.   2) pubblicare sulla pagina fb di Malvarosa https://www.facebook.com/malvarosa.edizioni?ref=hl la foto che meglio rappresenta il vostro blog scrivendo nel post il nome … Continue reading

One of the “Bandiera Blu” award winning beaches is Punta Faro in Anacapri (Capri). Bandiera Blu (blue flag) is an “eco-label” assigned every year to touristic beaches and marinas across 48 countries, that match high standards of:  Water Quality, Environmental Education and Information, Environmental Management, and Safety and Other Services Continue reading