The Grotta Azzurra is one of the top 5 sea caves in the Cilento area (Salerno district), world-wide famous for the mind blowing colours you can see in it. The name of “blue cave” is due to shocking blue produced by a combined effect of colours of the sea bottom and the light entering the cave. It’s accessible via boat or with a scuba guide. Boat trips leave the port of Marina di Camerota at 10.00AM (day trip) or at 8.00 PM (night trip). Prices from 20€ to – 40€ (with lunch on the boat). To Book call al 0039 393 66 69 706 Continue reading

If you share my #passion (or obsession) for good #chocolate #Gay-Odin is your #paradise. Not so much a chocolatier as an institution, Gay-odin conceives some of the finest cocoa creations of Naples, including the so-called Neapolitan chocolate ‘cozze’ (mussels). For a punch to the palate, try the chocolate-coated coffee beans or the fiery peperoncino-cioccolato (chilli-chocolate) combo. You can even get an Gay-odin’s sublime ice cream; they produce the city’s best non-sorbet flavours. At the end of XIX century Isidoro Odin a maitre chocolatier from Alba (the capital of truffles) invests all his savings to get a train ticket to Naples. … Continue reading

“The world of wine is not a simple, one-dimensional world” . From 130 years the Mastroberardino family members run with passion a wine farm in the countryside of Avellino, 60 km away from Naples. “Tradition is a value as long as it represents a bond of coherence and reliability.The Mastroberardino family has been involved in the socio-cultural context of wine-making for almost three centuries. Headquartered in Atripalda in the heart of the Irpinia wine-making region, the family linked its fate to the cult of wine. The most authoritative reports suggest that someone named Berardino, taking the professional title ‘Mastro’ – master … Continue reading