The Grotta Azzurra is one of the top 5 sea caves in the Cilento area (Salerno district), world-wide famous for the mind blowing colours you can see in it. The name of “blue cave” is due to shocking blue produced by a combined effect of colours of the sea bottom and the light entering the cave. It’s accessible via boat or with a scuba guide. Boat trips leave the port of Marina di Camerota at 10.00AM (day trip) or at 8.00 PM (night trip). Prices from 20€ to – 40€ (with lunch on the boat). To Book call al 0039 393 66 69 706 Continue reading

Unmissable #eating in south Italy- #Pizzeria “U Suricin” has come up with a fantastic concept of serving pizzas, besides preparing toppings with a huge range of fresh local ingredients from the Italian tradition. The old city of Agropoli is magic, it brings the visitors back to the old fast of the town. The pizzeria seats in the middle of the ancient town and it worths a trip, if only for the breathe-taking sightseeing of the seacoast. The pizza is superbe and is served in a wicker basket that you can take wherever you want, so you can enjoy the view … Continue reading

“The world of wine is not a simple, one-dimensional world” . From 130 years the Mastroberardino family members run with passion a wine farm in the countryside of Avellino, 60 km away from Naples. “Tradition is a value as long as it represents a bond of coherence and reliability.The Mastroberardino family has been involved in the socio-cultural context of wine-making for almost three centuries. Headquartered in Atripalda in the heart of the Irpinia wine-making region, the family linked its fate to the cult of wine. The most authoritative reports suggest that someone named Berardino, taking the professional title ‘Mastro’ – master … Continue reading

“The only thing that matches the warmth of the people in Santa Maria di Castellabate, is the warmth of the sea.” A little corner of paradise in Campania, lovely food and welcoming locals creates the perfect recipe for your holidays by the Tirrenian sea. Santa Maria di Castellabate is a fishing port on the west coat of Italy, so charming that few years ago a film director from the North decided to set there a movie to hush all people stating South Italy was not a place to live and spend holidays. Top Tips To: Make like a local, Treat … Continue reading

#Bidet mon amour! The #Brits discover the joy of the bidet! In the article “the joy of the bidets” the journalist Dany Mitzman, Britain-born but home based in Italy, reveals that she misses the white tool so much when she’s away from home. How on Earth can she miss that thing? (even though it can be very useful to cool down beers!)  The white little piece of ceramic, present in all Italian bathrooms, can be confusing and hard-to-use for many people (don’t ask ask for basic directions to an Italian, the demonstration could be embarrassing). The BBC journalist analyses the reactions of Brits to the … Continue reading

collectivehistory: The Villa of the Mysteries is a well preserved ruin of a Roman Villa which lies near Pompeii, southern Italy. Although covered with meters of ash and other volcanic material, the villa sustained only minor damage in the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, and the majority of its walls, ceilings, and most particularly its frescoes survived largely undamaged. The Villa is named for the paintings in one room of the residence. This space may have been a triclinium, and is decorated with very fine frescoes. Although the actual subject of the frescoes is hotly debated, the most common … Continue reading

2 girls, 1 shared project, 500km by bike, 80 towns to sketch.  Following the journey of Carla and Simona can be exciting and inspiring for all lovers of authentic journeys ( I have already taken some notes for my next trip). The 2 young girls, who have nothing to do with sports but lot with travels, have decided to start a journey of the Cilento parks by bike, to discover the culture and the places of Cilento 🙂            discover further posts on their blog Continue reading

Another good reason to visit #Cilento for #horse riders! Rides are organised on the hills of Cilento, the southern coast of Campania. Every day the company “in the saddle” plans relaxed riding programmes, perfect for early morning rides and lazy afternoons by the pool or exploring the area. It’s a unique opportunity to discover on the saddle the astonishing rests of the Greek, Roman and Middle Age eras.On some days you will ride high up into the mountains with tremendous views of the surrounding countryside, on others you may head onto the shore. Do I need to write more? Oh … Continue reading

#FOOD #BLOG #AWARD 2014 in #Naples, the best of the best blogs about food to compete to win the prize. See the photos of the food blogs participating on FB Can food be so lovely but also so inviting at the same time?? I am already hungry 🙂 Submissions open for food blogers until September 30th – send an email to including name of the blog, name of the blogger, email address and the category of the blog.   2) pubblicare sulla pagina fb di Malvarosa la foto che meglio rappresenta il vostro blog scrivendo nel post il nome … Continue reading