Buried Stories in #Pompei and #Hercolaneum – a #nightime #walk between real and virtual, tours with archaeologists and 3D projections of the eruption of the Vesuvius. All summer long visitors of Pompei and the nearby city Herculneaum will be able to spend a night between the historical tales and magnificent ancient splendours. Tours are suitable for kids as well – great opportunity to avoid visiting Pompei with unbearable day hot temperatures. Check the dates http://www.campaniartecard.it/buried-stories/ Continue reading

#Buccino (ancient Volcei) is 45 km south of Salerno and is one of the oldest villages in #Campania region. Its origins date back to the bronze age (2000 BC) but the town had its heyday during the roman republic. In the fourth century AC a terrible earthquake destroyed the roman town and only in 1300 Buccino came to life again with the medieval city, including the castle and cloister built on the site of the roman city . Today the entire centre of the old part of the town is an “archaeological park” with 2 overlapping towns, the roman and pre-roman … Continue reading

collectivehistory: The Villa of the Mysteries is a well preserved ruin of a Roman Villa which lies near Pompeii, southern Italy. Although covered with meters of ash and other volcanic material, the villa sustained only minor damage in the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, and the majority of its walls, ceilings, and most particularly its frescoes survived largely undamaged. The Villa is named for the paintings in one room of the residence. This space may have been a triclinium, and is decorated with very fine frescoes. Although the actual subject of the frescoes is hotly debated, the most common … Continue reading

The #Royal Palace at #Caserta reveals its beauty at night for a #journey in the past. Unusual #holiday. Mesmerised by the pictures of the “Reggia di Caserta”? (UNESCO World heritage site, whose history is in the previous post). This summer there is a unique opportunity to visit the so-called “little Versailles” overnight within a magic atmosphere. Locals will run night time visits of the magnificent park (in the last photo), telling the stories of the queens and kings who lived there, and taking visitors by bus to the Fountain of Eolo (third photo) to admire the 12 metres drop of … Continue reading

Turkish have assaulted #Italy! Locals recreate the #assault of 1630 in #Agropoli for visitors to live the experience. June29 every year! June 29th 1630 the Turkish assault the lovely town of Agropoli and it ends up being a very bad thing.700 Turkish enter the walls of the prosper and beautiful town on the coast of Cilento, through a window left open. Some people save themselves paying a large amount of money, others die fighting, others flee like the mayor of the town.  It doesn’t take long before the Spanish governor, who responsible of the area, is informed of the assault and dash … Continue reading