If you share my #passion (or obsession) for good #chocolate #Gay-Odin is your #paradise. Not so much a chocolatier as an institution, Gay-odin conceives some of the finest cocoa creations of Naples, including the so-called Neapolitan chocolate ‘cozze’ (mussels). For a punch to the palate, try the chocolate-coated coffee beans or the fiery peperoncino-cioccolato (chilli-chocolate) combo. You can even get an Gay-odin’s sublime ice cream; they produce the city’s best non-sorbet flavours. At the end of XIX century Isidoro Odin a maitre chocolatier from Alba (the capital of truffles) invests all his savings to get a train ticket to Naples. … Continue reading

You may like it thin, crispy, integral, exotic or traditional..the of kinds of pizza on this Earth are probably unlimited. I mean, we are talking about pizzas topped with buts or ice cream-pizza! From the States to Honk hong everyone eats it. BUT, if you are in Naples you can’t ask for any kind but the Neapolitan type. It may sound silly but not all the traditional pizzas are the same. Fashion and trends have influenced the way of baking it and you may end up in one of the pizzerias offering uncooked or sushi-style pizzas. So this is your … Continue reading

#FOOD #BLOG #AWARD 2014 in #Naples, the best of the best blogs about food to compete to win the prize. See the photos of the food blogs participating on FB https://www.facebook.com/malvarosa.edizioni?ref=hl. Can food be so lovely but also so inviting at the same time?? I am already hungry 🙂 Submissions open for food blogers until September 30th – send an email to  amministrazione@malvarosaedizioni.it including name of the blog, name of the blogger, email address and the category of the blog.   2) pubblicare sulla pagina fb di Malvarosa https://www.facebook.com/malvarosa.edizioni?ref=hl la foto che meglio rappresenta il vostro blog scrivendo nel post il nome … Continue reading