Do you have a sweet tooth? Top 3 sweets in #Campania and where to eat the best in town! 1st photo Torta Ricotta e Pere (ricotta and pears cake). A chilled filling of ricotta and pears between 2 layers made with hazelnut pasta frolla. Delicious and Fresh! to eat where it was invented. In Minori at the Sal de riso bakery 2nd photo Sfogliatella – the quintessential part of the whole pasticceria italiana! A shell-shaped filled pastries. To eat it in Pintauro (Via Toledo, 275) the House of Sfogliatella where it was invented in 1785, or in the bakery … Continue reading

If you share my #passion (or obsession) for good #chocolate #Gay-Odin is your #paradise. Not so much a chocolatier as an institution, Gay-odin conceives some of the finest cocoa creations of Naples, including the so-called Neapolitan chocolate ‘cozze’ (mussels). For a punch to the palate, try the chocolate-coated coffee beans or the fiery peperoncino-cioccolato (chilli-chocolate) combo. You can even get an Gay-odin’s sublime ice cream; they produce the city’s best non-sorbet flavours. At the end of XIX century Isidoro Odin a maitre chocolatier from Alba (the capital of truffles) invests all his savings to get a train ticket to Naples. … Continue reading

Unmissable #eating in south Italy- #Pizzeria “U Suricin” has come up with a fantastic concept of serving pizzas, besides preparing toppings with a huge range of fresh local ingredients from the Italian tradition. The old city of Agropoli is magic, it brings the visitors back to the old fast of the town. The pizzeria seats in the middle of the ancient town and it worths a trip, if only for the breathe-taking sightseeing of the seacoast. The pizza is superbe and is served in a wicker basket that you can take wherever you want, so you can enjoy the view … Continue reading

“The world of wine is not a simple, one-dimensional world” . From 130 years the Mastroberardino family members run with passion a wine farm in the countryside of Avellino, 60 km away from Naples. “Tradition is a value as long as it represents a bond of coherence and reliability.The Mastroberardino family has been involved in the socio-cultural context of wine-making for almost three centuries. Headquartered in Atripalda in the heart of the Irpinia wine-making region, the family linked its fate to the cult of wine. The most authoritative reports suggest that someone named Berardino, taking the professional title ‘Mastro’ – master … Continue reading

You may like it thin, crispy, integral, exotic or traditional..the of kinds of pizza on this Earth are probably unlimited. I mean, we are talking about pizzas topped with buts or ice cream-pizza! From the States to Honk hong everyone eats it. BUT, if you are in Naples you can’t ask for any kind but the Neapolitan type. It may sound silly but not all the traditional pizzas are the same. Fashion and trends have influenced the way of baking it and you may end up in one of the pizzerias offering uncooked or sushi-style pizzas. So this is your … Continue reading

A delicious #chocolate #cake with a taste of #aubergine? It’s called “melanzane al cioccolato” and it’s a typical Amalfi sweet. On a sunday I couldn’t avoid posting about food! This recipe was probably invented by the Francescan friars of Atrani, who used to fry aubergines and covered them up with a sweet and liqueur-based sauce. They exported the recipe in the other towns of the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts, changing slightly the ingredients and replacing liqueur with dark chocolate. Here you can find the recipe of the aubergines you find nowadays. enjoy! Continue reading