First seconds of a turtle’s life shot in #Acciaroli, #nest found in #Cilento

Big news for all lovers of the marine biology. That Acciaroli beaches were famous spots for tourists looking for plunging into award-winning pure blue waters, it was a fact. Today the news is that not only men appreciate this site. 100 eggs of turtles “Caretta Caretta” were found at … Continue reading First seconds of a turtle’s life shot in #Acciaroli, #nest found in #Cilento

Great treatments are waiting for you at the #terme #capasso (Capasso spa hotel)! Visit the renowned hotel to relax and recover after some days of long walks under the sun to visit Pompei or other amazing places in Campania. The spa is indeed only 50 minutes drive far from the historical site of Paestum, where 3 greek temples dominate the flat landscape. Check what the spa and the wellness centre offer Continue reading

The #Grotta #Azzurra is one of the top 5 #sea #caves in the #Cilento area (Salerno district), world-wide famous for the mind blowing colours you can see in it. The name of “blue cave” is due to shocking blue produced by a combined effect of colours of the sea bottom and the light entering the cave. It’s accessible via boat or with a scuba guide. Boat trips leave the port of Marina di Camerota at 10.00AM (day trip) or at 8.00 PM (night trip). Prices from 20€ to – 40€ (with lunch on the boat). To Book call al 0039 393 66 69 706 Continue reading

External link to #Top10 #beaches in #Cilento I can’t stop dreaming of being there!

#Top10 #beaches in #Cilento I can’t stop dreaming of being there!

Cilento, an area nominated World Heritage area by UNESCO. Located in the south west of Italy, it offers beaches with white sand and crystalline water. Looks like you don’t have to go far to find a Maldives-like paradise! Check in … Continue reading #Top10 #beaches in #Cilento I can’t stop dreaming of being there!

2 girls, 1 shared project, 500km by bike, 80 towns to sketch.  Following the journey of Carla and Simona can be exciting and inspiring for all lovers of authentic journeys ( I have already taken some notes for my next trip). The 2 young girls, who have nothing to do with sports but lot with travels, have decided to start a journey of the Cilento parks by bike, to discover the culture and the places of Cilento 🙂            discover further posts on their blog Continue reading

2 ragazze, 1 progetto comune, 500 km in bici, 80 borghi da dipingere! Seguire il progetto di Carla e Simona può essere eccitante e illuminante per tutti gli amanti dei viaggi autentici (io ho già preso spunto per un prossimo viaggio). Le due ragazze, del tutto estranee al mondo dello sport ma non a quello dei viaggi, hanno deciso di organizzare un viaggio in bici (500km é decisamente un viaggio!!) spinte dalla curiosità di riscoprire la cultura cilentana e i luoghi sconosciuti al turista spiaggia-risto-disco. Progetto: pedalare nella natura del Cilento per incontrare le persone che ci abitano e ritrarne i … Continue reading

Another good reason to visit #Cilento for #horse riders! Rides are organised on the hills of Cilento, the southern coast of Campania. Every day the company “in the saddle” plans relaxed riding programmes, perfect for early morning rides and lazy afternoons by the pool or exploring the area. It’s a unique opportunity to discover on the saddle the astonishing rests of the Greek, Roman and Middle Age eras.On some days you will ride high up into the mountains with tremendous views of the surrounding countryside, on others you may head onto the shore. Do I need to write more? Oh … Continue reading

Turkish have assaulted #Italy! Locals recreate the #assault of 1630 in #Agropoli for visitors to live the experience. June29 every year! June 29th 1630 the Turkish assault the lovely town of Agropoli and it ends up being a very bad thing.700 Turkish enter the walls of the prosper and beautiful town on the coast of Cilento, through a window left open. Some people save themselves paying a large amount of money, others die fighting, others flee like the mayor of the town.  It doesn’t take long before the Spanish governor, who responsible of the area, is informed of the assault and dash … Continue reading