#Superstitious #Naples where physics & religion get mixed in #tradition

Are you superstitious?Whatever your answer is, the story of what goes on in Naples every year on September 19th has impressed people’s believes for centuries. On the morning of September 19, the feast day of San Gennaro, thousands of people fill the Naples Cathedral and Piazza del Duomo, the … Continue reading #Superstitious #Naples where physics & religion get mixed in #tradition

The #Grotta #Azzurra is one of the top 5 #sea #caves in the #Cilento area (Salerno district), world-wide famous for the mind blowing colours you can see in it. The name of “blue cave” is due to shocking blue produced by a combined effect of colours of the sea bottom and the light entering the cave. It’s accessible via boat or with a scuba guide. Boat trips leave the port of Marina di Camerota at 10.00AM (day trip) or at 8.00 PM (night trip). Prices from 20€ to – 40€ (with lunch on the boat). To Book call al 0039 393 66 69 706 Continue reading