the #Girasole beach lounge, an oasis of peace 2km far from the archeological area of #Paestum. Get here to chill out on a golden beach, refresh in the crystalline water and tasting amazing fresh seafood cooked accordingly to traditional recipes (the mussels sauté with local bread croutons in the photo above was a chef’s masterpiece for us) . The beach lounge is owned and run by the lovely owners Mauro and Alfonso (you will meet them at the reception) who named the business after the famous disco “Il Girasole”, a very trendy club in the 70s. The beach lounge “il … Continue reading

“The only thing that matches the warmth of the people in Santa Maria di Castellabate, is the warmth of the sea.” A little corner of paradise in Campania, lovely food and welcoming locals creates the perfect recipe for your holidays by the Tirrenian sea. Santa Maria di Castellabate is a fishing port on the west coat of Italy, so charming that few years ago a film director from the North decided to set there a movie to hush all people stating South Italy was not a place to live and spend holidays. Top Tips To: Make like a local, Treat … Continue reading

External link to #Top10 #beaches in #Cilento I can’t stop dreaming of being there!

#Top10 #beaches in #Cilento I can’t stop dreaming of being there!

Cilento, an area nominated World Heritage area by UNESCO. Located in the south west of Italy, it offers beaches with white sand and crystalline water. Looks like you don’t have to go far to find a Maldives-like paradise! Check in … Continue reading #Top10 #beaches in #Cilento I can’t stop dreaming of being there!