Summer Weekend by the Amalfi Coast

Summer is about to kick in and you are in need for a weekend break on the beach, in the sun and low in budget?

This is where you go…


Day 1: Let’s discover Salerno

Salerno is a beautiful tiny city 40 minutes away from Naples (less crowded and with peaceful seaside walks). If you go for Salerno everything will be be cheaper and easier than in Naples.

Things to do in Salerno:

  • Eat glorious seafood lunches and pizzas at the traditional restaurants nestled in the narrow alleys of the “centro storico” (old city centre)
  • Have a spritz (typical Italian aperitivo) at the kiosk on the Santa Teresa beach (downtown)
  • Visit the Giardino della Minerva,  one of the oldest botanical gardens in Italy (dated 1300 a.C. at the time of the first Medical School in the world) from where you will  also enjoy a stunning up-the-hill view of the gulf.
  • Visit the Duomo (the Dom)
  • If you are looking for more, have a look here Things to do in Salerno


Day 2: Head off to the famous ones: Amalfi and Positano

This are the 2 most import things tourist usually miss: don’t use your car and bring your swimming suit.

On the way from Salerno to Amalfi and Positano traffic is mad most of the summer and the route is not exactly a motorway (expect only turns). PLUS you will miss the view of the cliffs falling into the blue sea as you will be driving ON the cliffs.

So be smart!

Buy yourself a ticket for the ferries that go daily from Salerno to the towns of the Amalfi Coast. Every town has a beach, don’t forget your swimming suit.

Here is the link to check on the connection table

Day 3: Paestum temples are more ancient than Rome

Why Paestum is not as famous as Rome?

Because locals keep it as a hidden gem, where enjoying award-prized mozzarella and living history with Greek temples that bring you back to the 420 b.C. Check the website.

As you will only have one day I recommend going from Salerno by train (20 minute journey to “Porta Sirena” train stop) visit the temples at the Paestum site and then going for a typical meal in one of the Caseifici that produce Mozzarella. Usually they’re not fancy but super tasty! Check this one which is 15 minutes away on foot from temples.


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