the fine art of #eating #Frittatina in #Naples

If the Pizza is the Queen of  Neapolitan cusine, the “frittatina” is the Queen of fry-food.

We are not talking about the omelettes (translation of “frittatina”) you have seen for breakfast all your life, we are talking about the religion of frying mouthwatering food. As in every religion, there are clear rules to follow if you apply for it.

  1. don’t consider the “frittatina”  a street food. In Neaples it’s a starter or a quick snack to eat on the go.
  2.  a “frittatina” (the suffix -ina means “little” in Italian) is not a little “frittata” (fried egg). The have indeed different and specific ingredients. Frittatina MUST have: minced meat, bucatini-like pasta, peas, fresh cream, and has to be breaded up in a crunchy paste.
  3. There can be additional ingredients, but the traditional ones must be there.

If you don’t feel you will be able to stick to all the rules above because you are not a chef yet, here you can find the best 3 places to eat Fritattina in Naples

Imperatore: Naples, viale Colli Aminei 66b.

La Padella: Naples, Vomero piazza Arenella, al numero 21.

Di Matteo: Naples via dei Tribunali 94.

Now that I have told you everything and you can’t escape a bite of Frittatina, I have to confess frittatina napoletana is a bomb of calories. But that’s easy to forget, am I right? 🙂

Sources by Claudio Ianniello

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