Hot air balloons fly over ancient Greek temples

From October 4th to 12th the prestigious 2014 International balloon festival is on in Paestum. It’s gonna be the biggest of the aerial festivals happening in Italy, 30 hot-air ballons arriving from all Europe!

For the spectators, it’s a unique opportunity to take a glance at the 3 temples built between VII century bC and IX century aC from the sky. Accordingly to what some participants of the past editions say, the view form the balloon is striking and even more emotional than what you get by looking at the temples on the ground. From the sky you can see the Amalfi coast at a glance, the Gulf of Salerno, Capri and the Appennino mountains.

Could it work as a romantic trip to Italy? Or you see it as a more adventurous experience?

The Festival has become also very popular thanks to the spectacular take off of the balloons at the feet of the temples.
For more information you can visit the website


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