35 m years to dig a majestic cave, 100 mins to visit it.

Guided by experts the Angel’s caves (grotte dell’angelo) are an outstanding example of how nature overtakes man in architecture by far.

The “grotte dell’angelo” are a 2 km long cave created by the steadily work of digging of the overground river Negro. Boat tours and walking tours are ecofriendly (no motorboads are admited in the cave) and organised everyday.

Tours have also different options. The full-option takes you to see the incredible “Sala de Paradiso” (Hall of Paradise) characterised by an astonishing waterfall, and continues to the huge “Grande Sala” (Big Hall), Sala delle Spugne (Sponge Hall) and the Braccio delle Meraviglie (Arm of wonders).

Tours can last form 60 minutes to 100 minutes (mixed path on foot and by boat)

To check and book tours contact the office via email,  For further info check the facebook page or send an email

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