How does a traditional #Fast #food look like in #Naples?

since 1963, “Cibi Cotti” (translation “fast food”) feed locals, tourists and occasional visitors for a serving of gnocchi or pasta with potatoes. Bear in mind, you won’t find the pasta with cheese or the Dolmio sauces that characterise the Italian shelf at Sainsbury’s. Cibi cotti it’s a real new concept of fast food!

At the restaurant Cibi Cotti Donna Anna prepares with love and respect for the tradition tasty recipes that can make a lunch a journey into the Neapolitan food experience. She knows how to make happy everybody: local workers, tourists looking for Italian food, teen agers having a quick bite, or families having their lunch.      

The how the menu looks like pretty much

Le minestre (soups): pasta with potatoes with or without provola,  pasta with beans, lentils, chick peas , peas, courgettes, kale, rise and savoy cabbage or, pumpkin. And even more, beans and prickly lettuce, the renowned traditional potato-cake 10 cm tall.

Secondi (Mains): fried meatballs with or without tomato sauce, sausages and zucchini flowers, meat escalopes (the real one!), meat with tomato sauce and much more…

i piatti unici della tradizione napoletana (very typical dishes): aubergines parmigiana, stuffed peppers, arancini di riso, pizze rustiche, fried panzerotti with ricotta, provola and local ham, and more seasonal recipes.

I can’t describe in details the dishes above otherwise I ll get hungry. People say that Neapolitan traditional cuisine is one of the most appreciated folk cuisine. Why not having the best of it at Cibi Pronti?

Cibi Cotti (translation “Fast Food”)
Via Ferdinando Galiani n. 30/14
Mercatino Rionale Torretta – Napoli
Tel. 081 682844

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