#panuozzo vs #pizza – what’s your cup of tea?

everybody knows the pizza, and pretty much all of us love it. But jus a few have had the pleasure to meet the other specialty of the house, the Panuozzo.

Have you ever got one? It looks like an Homer Simpson’ sandwich (it’s actually 25-30 cm long) and it’s stuffed traditionally with bacon and mozzarella, or rabes and sausage. If you wonder how you could miss it during your last tour in Italy, don;t get mad. The so called pizza’s younger brother isn’t as famous as its “sister”, even in Naples you could struggle to find, but it’s worth a research. That’s the identikit of a Panuozzo. 

1. It’s made of the same dough of the pizza

2. it’s long 25-30 cm

3. it’s baked TWICE! ( once to cook the dough, the second time after getting stuffed with ingredients to make the crust crunchier) 

Where to find the best Panuozzo then? Where all began! In Gragnano, which is said to be the town where the Panuozzo was invented, there are the best Panuozzo bakers (there’s also a competition every year!). Try the pizzeria of Guglielmo Vuolo and the “panuozzeria” of the  Fratelli Manzi (Manzi Brothers) in Gragnano. Otherwise, in Naples head to “Eccellenze Campane” the food store in Brin street (via brin) where you can find several excellent typical products. 


Italian quiz: Next time you are in Italy and try the panuozzo, ask yourself the question that everybody in Naples is keep on asking…is the Panuozzo better than a Pizza??

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