The #UK influence in the history of #Ravello

#UK influence in the history of #Ravello. The story of Ernest Beckett, later Lord Grimthorpe, thanks to whom #Ravello can today host a world-famous music festival, 4 five stars hotels, and a various range of VIP tourists (from Wagner to Noel Gallagher).

Funded by the Roman aristocracy, it became a very wealthy and powerful town between the X, and the XIII century. But the fall of Ravello’s wealth and influence came with Ruggero II, and the Normanni domination. That’s when Lord Grimthorpe, arrived here to recover his soul from his wife’s death at the end of ‘800, when Ravello was just a wrecked village. He was someway captured by the beauty of it and by the astonishing views you can get on the coast.

That’s when everything changes. Lord Grimthorpe buys a place in Ravello and decides to recover Villa Cimbrone including the “terrace of infinity”, from where you can see all the coast (in the photos above). Since then, other villas have been restored and today are visited by tourists coming from everywhere in the world.

Check more info on how to get there here

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