Do you have a sweet tooth? Top 3 sweets in #Campania and where to eat the best in town!

1st photo Torta Ricotta e Pere (ricotta and pears cake). A chilled filling of ricotta and pears between 2 layers made with hazelnut pasta frolla. Delicious and Fresh! to eat where it was invented. In Minori at the Sal de riso bakery

2nd photo Sfogliatella – the quintessential part of the whole pasticceria italiana! A shell-shaped filled pastries. To eat it in Pintauro (Via Toledo, 275) the House of Sfogliatella where it was invented in 1785, or in the bakery Scaturchio (Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, 19) producing delighting products from 100 years

3rd photo Delizia al Limone – a delicate profiterol coated with a lemon-flavoured cream (to use only lemons from the costiera amalfitana!), and stuffed with with cream. To eat in Costiera Amalfitana in Minori at the Sal De Riso bakery

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