What to do if you are in Italy on August 15th? #Ferragosto, or Assumption Day, is not a standard Italian national holiday in Italy. A weird combination of tradition and holiday makes this day unique but also very hard to plan!

Don’t expect an Italian working, or putting too much effort in what he does today, it’s the holy “eat&chilled out” day for the Italians. Statistically it can be the hottest or the rainiest day of the year (that happens usually when you have made plans outdoor).
Cities are empty, beaches are packed, shops and bars are closed, and restaurants are fully booked.
SO what to do if you are in Italy on August the 15th?

– go somewhere else. The coolest Italians plan their summer break around this date, because it makes them look trendy and richer than the others (it’s high season almost everywhere)

– find a small town and ask when the procession starts, but be prepared to a long march

– buy a grill, get some meat and climb a mountain. BBQs are kind of a tradition on Ferragosto

– meet and Italian family and have lunch with them. Being a foreigner, you will probably get sick because of too much food but you will have the best time of your life

– visit museums. They are usually opened and free on this date

have you got further recommendations? Suggest your plans for Ferragosto on the FB page https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-MILL-Italy/115071268649892?ref=hl

happy ferragosto!

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