If you share my #passion (or obsession) for good #chocolate #Gay-Odin is your #paradise.
Not so much a chocolatier as an institution, Gay-odin conceives some of the finest cocoa creations of Naples, including the so-called Neapolitan chocolate ‘cozze’ (mussels). For a punch to the palate, try the chocolate-coated coffee beans or the fiery peperoncino-cioccolato (chilli-chocolate) combo. You can even get an Gay-odin’s sublime ice cream; they produce the city’s best non-sorbet flavours.

At the end of XIX century Isidoro Odin a maitre chocolatier from Alba (the capital of truffles) invests all his savings to get a train ticket to Naples. At that time Naples was the centre of culture and fine arts, in the same way as London and Paris. Isidoro wants to create new flavours, purify the dark chocolate, elevate the tastes of chocolates with no limitations.
That’s how Gay-Odin boutique was born, and how you can still find it if you visit their stores.

GAY-ODIN stores in Italy http://www.gay-odin.it/index.php/puntivendita/

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