#Buccino (ancient Volcei) is 45 km south of Salerno and is one of the oldest villages in #Campania region.
Its origins date back to the bronze age (2000 BC) but the town had its heyday during the roman republic. In the fourth century AC a terrible earthquake destroyed the roman town and only in 1300 Buccino came to life again with the medieval city, including the castle and cloister built on the site of the roman city .

Today the entire centre of the old part of the town is an “archaeological park” with 2 overlapping towns, the roman and pre-roman below and the medieval town above. In August,in the archaeological park, the most important event takes place “Historiae Volceianae”, (16,1,18 August) reconstructing the customs of roman life (birth, marriage, etc..) and offering home-made pasta dishes cooked with traditional recipes.

Check how to get there http://www.historiaevolceianae.it/index.html#

(sorry there is no English version of this website, I m happy to provide more info if required! )

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