#craco, #basilicata. It may look like just as a wrecked village, until you go there and realise that all the stone-houses and the surrounding landscape are one of the most astonishing places you will have ever been in your life.

There’s something magic in lonely places, something that puts you in a metareality where you can project yourself in a different time or in another you. These places are inspirational because they are a perfect canvas for our imagination.

As beautiful as Craco is, the land and location have proven not suitable for habitation. Despite its settlement is dated 540AD, the town is now uninhabited (inhabitants were moved away in 1963) but very attractive for visits.
Read the history of Craco http://sometimes-interesting.com/2011/06/30/craco-italy/

What about Basilicata?
Basilicata is still one of the least known and most unpolluted regions of Italy. It offers peaceful lakes, impetuous mountain streams, modern architecture and huge complexes of caves constantly inhabited since the Paleolithic, deep canyons, majestic mountains jutting out into the sea, exceptional wines and traditional cuisine.

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