You may like it thin, crispy, integral, exotic or traditional..the of kinds of pizza on this Earth are probably unlimited. I mean, we are talking about pizzas topped with buts or ice cream-pizza! From the States to Honk hong everyone eats it.
BUT, if you are in Naples you can’t ask for any kind but the Neapolitan type.
It may sound silly but not all the traditional pizzas are the same. Fashion and trends have influenced the way of baking it and you may end up in one of the pizzerias offering uncooked or sushi-style pizzas.
So this is your mission if you happen to be in Naples… to eat the authentic traditional pizza, baked and topped the old fashioned way!
Is it going to be an easy job? No way! Only in the 50es there were more than 250 pizzerias in this city, guess how many there are 60 years later. Alright, but where to eat the rounded piece of dough??
Don’t have to look is the list of the top 20 pizzerias in Naples
I have tried 5 of them..looking forward to testing the others 🙂

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