#Bidet mon amour! The #Brits discover the joy of the bidet!

In the article “the joy of the bidets” the journalist Dany Mitzman, Britain-born but home based in Italy, reveals that she misses the white tool so much when she’s away from home. How on Earth can she miss that thing? (even though it can be very useful to cool down beers!) 

The white little piece of ceramic, present in all Italian bathrooms, can be confusing and hard-to-use for many people (don’t ask ask for basic directions to an Italian, the demonstration could be embarrassing). The BBC journalist analyses the reactions of Brits to the bidets and the different approaches (including hers), revealing what a joy it can be to have it at your own house. WhY??

Have a read to her article on BBC News, you will be surprised by how she describes “its sublime daily convenience”. It’s time to ask yourself….what the Italians really do with a bidet??


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