Turkish have assaulted #Italy! Locals recreate the #assault of 1630 in #Agropoli for visitors to live the experience. June29 every year!

June 29th 1630 the Turkish assault the lovely town of Agropoli and it ends up being a very bad thing.700 Turkish enter the walls of the prosper and beautiful town on the coast of Cilento, through a window left open. Some people save themselves paying a large amount of money, others die fighting, others flee like the mayor of the town.  It doesn’t take long before the Spanish governor, who responsible of the area, is informed of the assault and dash down to Agropoli to defeat the Turkish army.

Every year the population of Agropoli puts together a revival of the assault, dressing up like the old inhabitants of the town and the Turkish soldiers. Everybody can take part in it and live the emotions that such an experience generates. 

If you want to read more of the story of the Turkish attacks in south of Italy read here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Islam_in_southern_Italy


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